Amir E.

“After a long journey of doctors and experiments over the course of a year plus, I finally got diagnosed with SIBO. A low FODMAP diet is necessary to treat the condition. Luckily, I found Tuki. I had known of a low FODMAP diet before, but I don’t think I would have had as much success without Tuki. The planned meals and dietitian support that I got was essential. My digestion has never been as good as it is now and I’ve tried many things.”

- Amir E.

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Julie WuComment
Emily Ord

"While struggling to regulate my digestive system, my doctor suggested I test out the low FODMAP diet. Tuki helped ease the intimidation of the elimination phase and provided delicious and simple recipes along the way. I now have a better sense of what my triggers are and how to manage them regularly."

— Emily O.

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Dave McManusComment
David Koeller

"As a person with Crohn's and a hectic schedule, it can be quite challenging to maintain a successful diet and a healthy lifestyle to manage my symptoms. Tuki has helped me gain control of my diet through the discovery diet, while eating great food. While on the diet, my symptoms improved and felt much better. I look forward to continuing using Tuki!"

— David K.

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Dave McManus