How to fill out the patients profile

The patient profile has been split up into 4 key areas. The first is basic information about your client, including name, DOB, physical activity level, height, weight, age and gender.

Patient information on Tuki.

Next you’ll want to add their condition (you can add multiple just separate with a comma, physical activity and any notes you have on the client (you can add more later).

Patient condition on Tuki for dietitians

Next you’ll fill our your clients daily nutrition goals. Note: *Default values are the new (2018) FDA Daily Values (DVs) for adults and children 4 years or older. You can change the values for your individual client.

The first section is calories and macros per day.

Dietitian portal for Tuki

Second we have daily micro nutrients (not all are shown in this image).

Micronutrients on Tuki for dietitians

You can change your clients daily goals at any time under Profile —> Daily Goals. Just change the amount and click save.

Tuki profile can be changed under profile settings.