Dietitian software to increase efficiency

Tuki is built for and by dietitians

Tuki is passionate about building software for Dietitians that empowers them to help more clients, earn more money and provide better service for their clients. As the founder of Tuki, I believe that Dietitians play a pivotal role in fixing the American health system. We're trying to develop tools to help dietitians make a bigger impact on peoples health. 

As a step towards this, we've provided an open roadmap of what we're developing for Tuki. What want you (the amazing Dietitian that you are), to help us understand what is most important to you for us to build. 

1. You can access our product roadmap board here.

2. Request a new feature.
You can request a new feature by sending an email to this address:

3. Vote and comment on features: See other features that have been requested. Tell us which ones you like - this will help us prioritize which features to move up in the product roadmap. Click on a individual card and then you can comment and add an upvote (only one per card).

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We believe in building the best software for dietitians possible. Help us create something amazing!

As always feel free to leave a comment of ask us a question.

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