5 awesome ways dietitians can use quizzes to capture more leads

Guess what - people are out there Googling right now 'what is the best way for me to lose weight?', 'how can I reduce my bloating?'. They are asking questions because they want quick answers! But do you know what? Most of the answers on Google are garbage. Here is your opportunity to get in as a Registered Dietitian and prove out your value. You didn't study 4 years at College for nothing!

In this article we'll talk you through using quizzes to get more leads. What they are, how they work and how to start putting them in place today.

Below is a quiz on one of the most famous celebrity Doctors in America (it works).

Lead quizzes for dietitians, get more followers.

1. Why are we using a quiz? People want answers to questions. It is really gratifying to find something out from a quiz - you're getting instant value. As a dietitian this is great for you to provide something for FREE. You're not selling them anything but you're allowing them to experiment with something for free. This does two things, builds trust for you as a practitioner and most importantly allows you to get their email address to continue communicating with them.

2. How does it work? Basically there are platforms out there that allow you to create quizzes for your clients (Tuki can help you make them too). All you need to do is come up with the questions, provide the answers and then configure the answers accordingly based on the logic. So if they say X then they get Y response. Then at the end of the quiz - if they would like to receive their answer then they need to provide their email address.

Example recipe quiz.

Example recipe quiz.


3. What can I develop a quiz on? You can develop a quiz based on a number of things, here are some ideas: Recipe generator (like above), which diet is best for them, symptom quiz - IBS symptoms, risk of binge eating quiz etc. The ideas are endless and should be tailored around what your niche is as a Registered Dietitian.

4. Getting your quiz out there to the masses. With quiz platforms like Typeform or Lead Quizzes you can embed them in your website (we can help you do this if you need), send a link out on social media, email the link to your customers / email subscribers, post the link on other popular blogs or forums (Reddit or Quora).



As a Registered Dietitian you're going to need to be crafty. People are searching for answers you just need to provide them in an easy format that they get quick value from.

Let us know your comments below and any other tactics you use. Or if you want a hand building a quiz we can help you.

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