Our growth hacking guide for Dietitians

As a Registered Dietitian it can be really difficult finding new clients. It's frustrating and we know that you don't want to spend time marketing, so we've put together this list of growth hacking ideas for you to get new clients.

Dietitians guide to getting repeat business. Increase retention and earn more money.


1. Tap into neighborhoods through Next Door. Next door is an app that connects neighborhoods to each other. And whilst they don't allow you to advertise on it (you can but you have to pay), there is another way to advertise your dietitian services without paying. Here's what we recommend. First - tell your neighborhood about your services - click post to my neighborhood. Here's the trick - DO NOT SELL. Be open and friendly and let them know that your available should they need someone (or know someone) who’s looking for a dietitian who helps with X, Y & Z. Then take that same script and send it to your other friends in other neighborhoods (make sure they're separate!). Then ask them to kindly recommend you within their neighborhoods. Here's why it works: Neighbors trust each other, and if they're recommending you then you must be pretty darn good! 

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2. Get on as many lists and registers as you can. This one isn't as immediate but it's pretty simple. Research all of the industry bodies and companies within your fields and email them - ask them to add you onto their site as a listed dietitian (you can be listed on Tuki - all you have to do is ask). For example you can ask online grocery stores and similar blogs within that space (example for IBS would be IFFGD, IBS.org, FODMAP Everyday, FODY Foods).
IMPORTANT: Do your research before you put your name on these sites, if you don't agree with them as a business then you don't want to be associated with them. 

3. Get your elevator pitch down and tell everyone. The number one marketing tool you have is YOU! Make sure you have your clear value proposition, who you help and how you help them and then get ready to tell everyone. When you're at the gym on the treadmill tell the person next to you 'My name is X i'm a Registered Dietitian and I help people do X - if you know anyone my site is www....'. I'm not kidding if you're at a cafe and you meet someone tell them. People love recommending people to others they trust. 

4. Become a thought leader on Reddit & Quora. This is a gold mine for dietitians. There are 1000's of people right now asking people (who have zero qualifications) diet and nutrition questions. Who better to answer them?! You. This is how you can add value to people, build credibility and trust and then gather leads.
Here's our golden rule for Reddit - NO SELLING!! Help people and give to the community. We tried to promote ourselves once and we got torn to pieces. Try answering 4 questions and then on the 5th question post a link to your blog answering someones question. We've found that to be a really good strategy.

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5. Partner with large doctor clinics. Figure out a way to do a lunch and learn with the clinic. You will need to do some sales cold calling. Remember DO NOT SELL - offer them a free lunch and learn about the services that you offer. You can help them discover what you do and how you do it. We know that this works because we've done 5 lunch and learns with GI doctors, and do you know what their response was - do you know any good dietitians? They need you, but there so busy they can't find you. You need to go to them and make it as easy as possible for them. Remember persistence is key.

We know finding customers can be difficult, but we hope these tips will help you. Remember that consistency is key and that you'll eventually break through! People need your services and they are out there and looking - you just need to make it that little bit easier for them to find you.

Let us know your comments below and any other tactics you use.

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