Our dietitian guide to increasing repeat visitors

5 ways dietitians can increase the chances of a repeat visit.

Maybe you could sabotage their diet, so that they keep coming back to use your service? Maybe not. But what if there was a way to ensure that you're clients could keep coming back to see you? Part of any retention strategy is about providing maximum value to the customer, helping them quantify that value and also set future goals for them to keep striving for. 

In this blog article we'll cover some of the key elements that you can use as a dietitian to help maximize your chances of repeat business. 

Dietitians guide to getting repeat business. Increase retention and earn more money.

1. Provide amazing service. Seems simple doesn't it? Well you'll be surprised that not everyone provides amazing service. Understanding what individuals perceive as great service is really important. Making sure that you're personalizing to each individual and helping them with each of the areas that they really care about. You also need to make sure all of your communication, reminders are on point - help them stay organized.

2. Don't let your service stop after the 1 hour consultation. If you're providing a service to them try and find out a way that you can provide tools to them (such a Tuki), or handouts or something they can take away to extract value from between visits. They will help them remember you and ensure that they are maximizing the value that you provided in your session.

3. Email & social communication. After their visit you should have their email address. Send them a welcome email and tell them something personal, and then ask them to follow you social media accounts for additional tips & tricks. Remember they want to learn from you. Keep the relationship going by providing resources, blog articles and social posts. Remember just because you get paid for 1 hour of dietitian service, doesn't mean that is the only time you can provide value back to your clients.

4. Set goals that actually align with each individual. If you try to sell a repeat purchase package, then it's pretty unlikely someone is going to buy it (unless it's for a specific condition). The reason why people see a dietitian is because they're looking to improve one aspect of their health. They're not buying your services so that they can sit down and speak to a dietitian. People are more likely to pay for repeat services that are aligned with their own goals and motivations. Try to set up personalized packages that align with their goals, rather than a cookie cutter package.

5. Check ins - how you doing? Dietitians shouldn't have a 'one and done' type of relationship. Make this authentic and check in to see how they actually are tracking with their progress. Do you have that friend who always calls you when they want something? Well just like Pavlov's dog - your clients will be classically conditioned to think you're trying to sell your services every time you speak to them. If you create a relationship with your clients, then you'll be more likely to understand when they're ready to purchase your services.

Looking forward to you getting more recurring customers! If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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