Here's our ultimate guide to content design for dietitians (using Canva)

Start attracting more clients with our content guide for dietitians (using Canva)

Right now you're thinking, I'm going to have to pay an expensive designer to make amazing materials for my clients and marketing. Well fear not dietitians, there is an amazing tool called Canva. Canva helps your create customized designs from a range of templates. It's especially good for dietitians who need to create a brochure, social media templates, blog templates and other pieces.

In this blog article we'll cover the basics of how to use Canva, what features you need to keep track of and how to create a consistent brand.

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1. Lock down your branding & logo. Before we jump into Canva - figure out what the key colors that make up your brand, what fonts do you normally use and if you have a logo keep that too. Put this into a G Doc - we'll called this your 'Brand Guidelines'.

2. Create an account with Canva and check it out. Yep I know what you're thinking - this thing is amazing! That's what I thought when I first checked it out, but be careful it can quickly become over whelming. Let's take a step by step look.

Canva, content marketing for dietitians, marketing tool.

2.1 - First we have to select our key templates. There are templates for everything! First thing you'll want to do is understand which templates you need. Think through the key things you need to run your dietitian practice, some common ones might be: Facebook post, Instagram post, email header & brochure.

Marketing for dietitians, content marketing dietitians, medical marketing

2.2 - Upload your logo, photos and any other collateral. Next up you'll want to add your brand colors to the color palette - you can use this tool Eyedropper - to get the color directly from your site.

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2.3 - It's drag and drop baby! Wow. Canva - you have done an amazing job. Once you've chosen your templates, you need to now understand which ones are provided and you want to make your own.

2.4 - Make the templates your own. Now it's time to changes the colors in the templates so that they match your branding. You also need to make sure you're using the right font. And where appropriate add your logo. 

You can do much better than this! :)

You can do much better than this! :)


3. Start making content. Remember - 'less is more'. Don't try to do too much and alter things too much. Most of the designs on Canva are done by professional designers, so they're pretty professional. Don't try to put too many elements in your design, or it'll be hard for you followers to follow.

4. Upload your own images. You might want to upgrade to Canva premium at later point, but for now you should upload your own images. Canva has a good range, but you should aim to take your own images and content so you can provide original content (people relate to human images - so make sure your friendly smiling face is in a few pictures). If you need stock photography, we recommend using

Happy content creating dietitians! If you want help with creating marketing materials such as Ebooks, Videos, Infographics etc then we can help you. When you sign up to Tuki we help you take care of all your marketing collateral and provide you with training and support.

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