5 reasons dietitians are not capturing any leads on their site

How dietitians can capture more leads and make more $$$$

Do you ever wonder why everyone is trying to give you free content? Well, it's because that's the best way to capture someones email address. Basically when a potential client (we will call them a lead) provides their email address then you've now got a direct channel to communicate with them (Do not sell!).

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In this blog article we'll cover the basics of lead generation and how you can utilize them to start capturing more leads.

1. Pick a niche. It's easy to just say 'I do everything'. Ever heard of 'Jack of all trades master of none?'. Well that's what people instantly think when you provide a broad overview of services. It's hard for to believe that you’re actually an expert. The best example of this is when you see a restaurant that offers Mexican, Chinese and Italian food. There's a very small chance that they have perfected Mexican, Chinese Italian fusion - but most likely all three are probably average. It is the same for you - pick a niche, you can always sell broader later, but to start focus in on your niche.

2. Provide valuable content to your target audience. Jump on Google Trends and find out what are the key search terms that people are searching about? Or use Buzz Sumo to see what are the more shareable pieces of content on the internet in your niche. Content marketing is not about reinventing the wheel, it's about taking a topic out there and then adding your commentary and spin to it. Information is everywhere on the internet. It's how you repurpose it and provide it to your consumers that counts.

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3. Gate your content. Don't worry, you don't have to build anything! What this means is: create an email capture on your site before giving something away. On Squarespace you would do what is shown in the example below. Once they receive the email you can then trigger an email to send the piece of content requested.

Dietitians content marketing, dietitians how to get more clients

4. Automate an email sequence for each giveaway. So once a potential client has requested some information, you can then automate a sequence of emails to be sent to that person. The first one should be what they requested, second email should be a welcome email, and then after that it should be education (never sell) that links to your blog. Recommend using Mail Chimp as it's free.


5. Remember to filter your new flows out of your existing flows. This is a really important step, make sure you are not spamming your email list by ensuring only new leads get added to one campaign. 

Happy leads capturing dietitians! If you want help with creating marketing materials such as Ebooks, Videos, Infographics etc then we can help you. When you sign up to Tuki we help you take care of all your marketing collateral.

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