How much do dietitians get paid in the United States?


We’ve pulled together the data from the census to take a look at the distribution of wages across the dietitian industry. It looks as though dietitians are paid pretty evenly, and doesn’t look to be a large inequality in payment.



Of dietitians earn over

60,000+ a year.

We think that this needs to change. There’s a health crisis in America, and we’re not paying our Dietitians what they deserve. At Tuki we believe in empowering dietitians to make a bigger impact at schools, hospitals and in the wider community.

The below data visualization shows the wage distribution (red), compared with the wider industry (grey). The data shows that wages are relatively evenly distributed, compared to the average across all industries.

Tuki is on a mission to change these numbers. We believe that dietitians are an incredibly valuable resource that deserve to be paid more.

Dave McManusComment