Our guide to bridging the gap between doctors and dietitians.

It’s true, doctors don’t learn much about nutrition in the education system. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Many GI doctors know it is important (which was referenced in Bill Chey’s recent research paper), but why is there such a large gap between GI docs and dietitians?

How doctors and dietitians can work together

There’s a few reasons, many are outside of our control, but here are a few that I think can be changed:

  1. Doctors know that nutrition is important, but you need to make it easy for us. It’s important to note that doctors know that nutrition plays an important role, but you need to help us bridge the gap, which is why i’m excited about Tuki.

  2. Continuing to educate and bridge the gap between professions. I think continuing to educate doctors about the role that nutrition management can play in keeping conditions at bay is really important. Keep us up to date please!

  3. Keep a close relationship. It’s important to understand both sides of the equation. The more that we focus on science and evidence based diagnoses then it is an opportunity for us both to connect.

At the end of the day we both care about helping people lead healthier lives. Making sure we focus on what we can control (listed above) is really important in terms of making a big impact on our patients lives.

Dr Neil Stollman - Gastroenterologist & Tuki Advisor.

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