Our definitive guide to food trackers for dietitians

Helping your clients track their foods is really important for both you and your client. We’ve taken a look at the market and have compiled a list for you.

Food trackers for dietitians
  1. My Fitness Pal - is one of the largest apps on the market. It was acquired by Under Armour a few years back. It provides a basic ability to track food, water and set goals.

  2. Tuki - provides a food journal complete with all of the foods from the USDA database. The advantage of using Tuki means that your clients can select a meal plan and add that in its entirity to their journal. Meaning users will only log 20% of the foods eaten. Saving them a lot of time.

  3. Lose it! - specializes in weight loss. Includes voice ‘siri’ search, bar code scanning and access to many variables. It says that they’ve helped to lose 50 million pounds.

  4. Fat Secret - provides a simple tracking tool that allows you to log from a large database. It has helped over 35 million people across the world.

  5. Cron-o-meter - Allows you to track diet, exercises and body weight. App costs $2.99.

  6. Spark People - Standard food dairy which allows you to copy and paste previous entries. Food tracker, nutrition education and exercise videos.

These are just some of the most popular food tracking apps for consumers. It worthwhile to note, that having a tool that integrates with your client and into your practice is really important.

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