Our step by step guide to Google Trends for dietitians

Google Trends is pretty amazing. It helps you understand what people are searching for, when and where they’re searching and any related terms.

You can access it here: www.trends.google.com - it’s FREE

1. Opening screen - current trends. This screen shows you what is currently trending across the world. You can see Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are trending right now - what a suprize!

Google trends data breakdown: You don’t actually see the number of searches, however you see an index. The index is based on search volume comparatively to other data point.

Dietitians using google trends for lead generation

2. How to customize your search. First you choose which search terms you want to compare against, for example diet, paleo and keto (we’ll use as an example). You can choose what length of time you would like to search against, what location, what categories (defined by Google) and then what type of search (Youtube, Search or Image).

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3. Time to put it to the test. Let’s try out the search term ‘Diet’. For the last 5 years across the United States.

Look at that! See those spikes? Guess what day that is? New Years Day! Pretty obvious trend. Let’s try one that’s not as obvious.

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4. Now looking at the search terms related to GI conditions, you can see the volume of searches. This is where you blog writing creativity comes into play. You’ll need think think of crafty ways to come up with unique angles to talk about these topics. Try to use actionable headlines and lists, like top 5 things to think about with xxxx or here’s our definitive guide to living with xxxx.

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5. Related search terms. Constipation - related remedies (number 4).
You could write an article based on: our 5 tips for taking a diet led approach to pregnancy constipation.

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So it can be really overwhelming diving in there. But there are a lot of really cool insights you can gather about your patients behavior overall, and what types of content might resonate with them. We think it’s best to come in with your niche and have a few questions written out before running a search. For example, when are people searching for the keto diet? What are the most common questions about the low FODMAP diet?

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re always here to help you market you business.

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