How dietitian’s can get more referrals from doctors.

As a practicing gastroenterologist,  I have a busy schedule, seeing more than a dozen consulting patients per day, working in a high stress environment (with lots of paperwork these days!). Bottom line I’m really busy! However I do think that diet plays a really important role in helping my patients work through their conditions and try hard to attend to that aspect of their care.

Dietitian to get leads from doctors

It can be hard to get contact with a busy practitioner, but when you do, you become their trusted source. Here’s a few ideas on how dietitians can get in contact with Gastroenterologists / clinics:

  1. Make friends with the practice manager. They’re our ‘front line’ and generally willing to take calls.

  2. Have a clear value proposition for doctors. Are you a Dietitian that specializes in digestive health? Then make sure you let us know so we know when to refer patients to you.

  3. Come in and say hello! Nothing personalizes you better than, well, personalizing you!. Give us a chance to learn more about your services or you professionally. If you wanted to bring food, we’re definitely not opposed to this!

  4. Provide us with handouts that we can provide to patients, particularly one that summarises what you do, your contact details and how to get old of you. Tuki Tip: You can do this using or contact Tuki and we can help you (email: and we’ll send you one).

  5. Persistence Persistence Persistence! It’s not that we don’t value your services or think that you’re important, it’s that we are really busy with a lot of competition for our attention. Keep reminding us and keep persisting... we need dietitians who specialize in digestive health.

Thanks and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them. Feel free to comment below.

Dr. Neil Stollman - Gastroenterologist and Tuki Advisor.

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