How we can provide better outcomes to our patients.

As a Gastroenterologist, I continually get clients who I believe should be tracking their dietary intake and their symptoms. Many will track it on a pad and pen (often taped to the ‘fridge) and occasionally I suggest they download an app. I work with dietitians to see what impacts their diet are having on their conditions. Granted not all conditions can be improved with diet, but many can be. Being able to work with dietitians across tracked data with the one client, provides synergy between both professionals and creates a better outcome for patients. Here are a few advantages for dietitians and doctors to work with software (similar to Tuki).

  1. Continuity between data sources. When a user is reporting symptoms, it’s easy for them to be inconsistent with their different caregivers. That is why having one single source of truth will help to make it easier to understand any trends within symptoms.

  2. Ability to experiment with diet & reintroduce foods. It is really hard to understand what foods are causing symptoms, when you are manually reintroducing foods. It

  3. Easy cross collaboration with medical professionals. Being able to share results for one patient allows different medical professionals to understand what has worked, the severity of someones symptoms and the best way to move forward.

Dr Neil Stollman - Gastroenterologist

Dave McManusComment