Programs Package

Programs Package

10.00 every month

Create and sell plans on Tuki Health. We’ll revenue share with you 50% for every plan sold. Earn passive income.

Start Growing Your Practice

Start earning passive income for your Private Practice today.

We’re here to help you start generating more passive income. Sell your programs (with our meal plans) to your clients for a monthly subscription.


Choose your plan

Select the plan you want to sell. Add any materials with it (videos or anything else).


Embed or send your link

Set your plans up on your website ready to sell to your clients. You can also use the Tuki Health link to sell on social media or email.

Marketing Support

We can help you with your marketing to get up and running. Whether it’s landing pages, email campaigns, offline sales we’re here to help you grow your campaign. Reach out to our team and we’ll help you get set up.