Meal Planning and Patient Engagement

Meal Planning and Patient Engagement

60.00 every month

Monthly fee. Cancel at anytime. We will provide a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the service.

Start Growing Your Practice

Start growing your Private Practice today.

Are you spending a lot of your time on meal planning? We’re here to help you save time (52 minutes per meal plan per patient), and increase your revenue.


Quick Meal Planning

With a focus on continuous innovation, Tuki Health offers a HIPAA-compliant meal planning platform for your private practice. It delivers measurable improvements, and is will help you grow your practice.


Mobile Friendly

The Tuki Health platform is mobile friendly, so you can manage your practice while you’re on the move. Also your patients can follow their plan and communicate their progress while they’re on the move.

Marketing Support

We can help you with your marketing to get up and running. Whether it’s landing pages, email campaigns, offline sales we’re here to help you grow your practice. Our team of can help you get up and running quickly.