What's Tuki about?

Tuki helps you discover which foods are triggering your symptoms and over time reduces your symptoms. We help you step by step through the process. Ultimately we help you understand exactly what is causing your digestive symptoms.

Why should I use it?

The low FODMAP diet can be very restrictive and complicated. Tuki makes it easy for you to follow and takes the stress out of meal planning and recording a food and symptom dairy.

What are the benefits?

You get the confidence of knowing exactly what foods are causing your symptoms. We'll provide a symptoms data report showing you which FODMAP groups are are causing your symptoms. We'll also provide personalized meal planning after you complete the Discovery Diet.

How will this product change me?

Your digestive symptoms reduce or even go away. We don't cure anyone, however we do reduce symptoms and try our best to provide you with a better quality of life. This will also impacts your energy levels, digestive functioning and improved psychological well being.

Do you want me to log symptoms after a meal even when I have low to none?

You don't need to log symptoms after every meal if they are not bothering you. It’s only if you have symptoms that are noticeable and is affecting you.

Should I stick to this shopping list completely is or it a recommended list?

We recommend you stick to it completely, or if you are going to deviate slightly, please use the Monash App to ensure that any foods you’re purchasing are low FODMAP (the ones with the green light). If you happen to eat any foods outside of the meal plan, please log them in your symptoms tracker.