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Tuki is on a mission to empower dietitians to change the world.


How does it work?


We make it easy for you to scale your services and provide better client outcomes.


Manage your clients from 1 place.

You can share this directly with your client.


Aggregate all your data in 1 place.

Using our unique challenge tool, set up personalized challenges for each of your clients.

data driven dietitians

Set up customized challenges

We’ll help you aggregate your clients data and help you analyze it in an easy to use dashboard.



Behind the Tuki platform

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Powered by the USDA food database

We have over 1.7 million recipes ready for you to

Partnered with Monash University.

We’re committed to working with leading educational institutions to bring the latest research to dietitians.


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Gastrointestinal Problems
Their team is truly invested in helping dietitians with key resources, tools and marketing materials to grow your practice and rather use that time to focus on patient care.
— Karina Knight, RDN and owner of California Nutrition

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